Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Participation Exercise Part 1- Urban Planning

This week in GIS4048 - GIS Applications - besides our Lab on Urban Planning, we are also working on a Participation Exercise. The objective of the Participation Exercise is to explore how a County or municipality, Appraiser's office conducts business relative to assessing parcels for tax purposes. For the exercise we looked up a recent home sale in our area and foraged for the information I will show you below.

 Since I live in Brevard County I selected the Brevard County Appraiser's Web Site to do my research.Dana Blickley, CFA Brevard County Property Appraiser.
It is a very nice web site that is currently being updated- they have a beta site that has a few more features- but generally, this site has all the info you need.
I did run into one substantial challenge: I could not find a single home sale posted to this site for June 2015. So I wrote to the Appraiser's office to see if I was missing an obvious search method that would help me find what I needed; the highest priced home that sold in June 2015. Here's what I got back:

Jim Brandenburg

9:19 AM (7 hours ago)
to me
Good morning Mr. Castillo;

Several things come to mind.
1)      Sales often lag behind for a variety of reasons. First, the transfer may not get registered with the Clerk’s office immediately. It may not be processed and made available to the Property Appraiser immediately and we also have certain lag time internally. The net result is that, right now, our most recent sale is from mid-May, 2015.
2)      We also distinguish between “qualified” and “non-qualified” sales… a qualified sale is an unencumbered, single parcel transfer at market price. A non-qualified sale can be just about anything else, from a person transfers a property to a friend or relative for a dollar all the way up to a large commercial sale involving multiple parcels, liens, payments in kind, problems with the legal descriptions… etc.  It seems likely that you would be interested in qualified sales only.

Well, lo and behold, I wasn't off my rocker and I do not lack the skills to do a decent search for current home sales; there just wasn't any data for me to find. So, I elected to use a poperty from June 2014, and here's the information I collected:

First question, Q1:  Does your property appraiser offer a web mapping site? If so, what is the web address? If not, what is the method in which you may obtain the data?
A: Indeed my property appraiser has a great web site, and I posted the link above. But just in case, here it is again:

Question 2: What was the selling price of this property? What was the previous selling price of this property (if applicable)?   Take a screen shot of the description provided to include with this answer.

A: Let's start with the link to the beautiful property in question: Brevard County Parcel ID27-37-03-02-*-12 and Tax ID 2735118 (To find the parcel, enter the Parcel ID or Tax ID in the QUICK SEARCH block after the web site opens). This fabulous home sold for $1.26M on 06/26/2014. Prior to that the home sold for $1.25 on 08/14/2009. Regarding the description of this home; just in case the link above does not work, here's the image and abbreviated description as well as other pertinent information:

Next question please: What is the assessed land value?  Based on land record data, is the assessed land value higher or lower than the last sale price?  Include a screen shot. 
A: The assessed value is given as "Assessed Value Non-School" and "Assessed Value School". 
The table below shows this, but the assessed values for 2014 are: $828,720 (non-school) and $828,720 (School). Though here they are the same value I did see other homes where the value differed slightly. These values are significantly lower then the June 2014 sale price, but this may be because the assessed value includes a Homestead exemption or two and other variations that decrease the value for tax purposes.

The web site had many interesting tidbits of information. I liked that you could select a layer view and choose which layers you wanted to see. Additionally, there were Advance Search techniques and Settings that anyone could manipulate. I copied this link to a Detailed Report that I found interesting. I hope you enjoyed this Participation Exercise; I certainly did!

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