Saturday, November 28, 2015

Open Source tools and Food Deserts

What a week. Happy after Thanksgiving to everyone. This week was about open source GIS tools. I learned about TileMill and Leaflet. Great tools for building web maps. I had a challenge to get all the tools on Leaflet to work properly for me. Tools such as the Layer Control or Geocoder. Leaflet is an html based program that allows you to upload maps using Tiles (Tilemill) and customize them by essentially copying the html code. However, even individuals that have extensive experience with code struggle with getting the correct, code, spacing, punctuation, and the case of letters. Needless to say, this week was a challenge. Given more time and coffee, I am sure I will enjoy using both TileMill and Leaflet in the future.

The objective this week was to develop a map showing Food Desert locations surrounding Pensacola Florida. Below is the link to my Food Desert map. It is a work still under construction. Please check back later to see what features and tools I have added.

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