Sunday, May 24, 2015

Python Fundamentals

In this Module for GIS 5103 (GIS Programming) we began to learn the fundamentals of Python. I learned about using Functions, many that are built into Python (e.g. dir(__builtins__)  - this gives you a list of builtin Python functions). For this lab, I used the functions:

                                                        len: This function counts the length of a string
                                                        *  : This is the multiplication function

And I used the Method, Split: This splits apart a string as in, lastNameList.split(" "). Where, lastNameList is the Object; split is the Method and (" ") is the argument.
Here is a brief description of what I did for this lab:
1.       In order to calculate the length of my last name, I had to define my last name:
o   listName=stringName.split and then, print listName[-1] (this will print the last name).
2.       Then, I had to determine which function I should use to count the length of my last name.
3.       I researched the available functions online and found “len.”
o   len(object) -> integer
Return the number of items of a sequence or mapping.
4.       I followed the syntax of: function(object).

5.       My code for this process was: len(lastNameLen)  

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