Monday, May 18, 2015

Python Adventure - GIS5103 Programming

I am happy to begin GIS5103 Programming, so I can learn more about Python, scripting and coding. In Module 1 we are just beginning to learn about the various Editors available for Python. We will be using PythonWin, but I have used Notepad and other Editors previously. Our first exercise was to Create Module Folders using a Python script. The main steps I took to Run this script were:

1.      After opening Pyhthon 2.7, Start > All Programs > ArcGIS > Python 2.7 > PythonWin
I pinned the PythonWin icon to the Taskbar
2.      I copied the from the R-drive, then saved it to my S-drive under My Documents
3.      Using PythonWin, I selected File > New >  Python Script
4.      Then, I opened the in the Script window
   5.      Ensuring that my cursor was in the script window on the script, I selected the “Run” symbol, and executed the script. 

Below is what this script produced:

In this Module I learned the method we will use this semester to study Python and I became more familiar with ArcGIS and Python 2.7.

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