Sunday, January 25, 2015

This week's Lab for GIS4043 was long and quite involved. We were charged to create and deliver not one, but three separate maps. We had to create and alter the symbology of our maps, utilize ArcCatalog, review elements of raster pyramids and compare and contrast raster and vector data files. The maps we were working with involved Latin America and more specifically, Mexico. We made one map depicting Population, another which depicted the Transportation systems of Mexico including, rivers, roads and rail lines. But my favorite map was the DEM (digital elevation model) of Mexico. Because the layer mex_elev, is a  raster file, the symbology properties look different. The selection of color ramps seemed endless but of course some colors make more sense than others, especially when referencing the, “Using Color in Maps (Georgina Strode, FSU Geography Department). The symbology below is interesting to me because the colors convey information and provide subtle hints regarding the terrain even if there wasn’t a Legend to tell you the values. I found this exercise very intriguing and I look forward to creating more DEM maps.

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