Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This week’s GIS3015 Lab exercise was to build a map that displayed Elementary, Middle and High Schools in Ward 7 of the District of Columbia. Our objectives were as follows:

·         Conceptualize and create maps according to need of end user

·         Establish and implement visual hierarchy to emphasize important map features

·         Apply contrast to map features to imply their relative importance

·         Employ figure ground to make important map features appear closer to the end user

·         Achieve map balance with the harmonious organization of map elements and empty space

·         Symbolize layers by category

·         Create an inset map and establish an extent indicator

For this Lab I had to re-learn how to make an “Inset” map. I also had to review “Clipping.”  The bulk of the work was to ensure we complied with the Gestalt’s Principles of perceptual organization- this sounds like a Psychology course now.  This was another fun exercise for me. I enjoyed playing with various symbols to represent the schools and changing the color schemes. I did go back to review the Using Color in Maps reference. The most interesting part of this exercise was experimenting with balance and color. I learned that an aesthetically pleasing map is well balanced; not having too many items on one side of the page. Also, color can be soothing or calming. I don't think I would have used "pink and grey" so easily before taking this course.  


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