Wednesday, January 21, 2015

GIS3015 Lab2, Introduction to Cartographic Design with CorelDraw X7

Module 2 GIS3015 Lab, Introduction to Cartographic Design with CorelDraw X7, was highly interesting and a lot of fun.  The objectives were:

-          Export a map from ArcGIS
-          Demonstrate competency in CorelDraw
-          Add/change basic map elements in CorelDraw
-          Export map as a .jpg file from CorelDraw

We explored CorelDraw X7 and I learned there are more tools (Dockers, draw Ellipse, Polygon, Freehand, Insert Image, Posterize, etc. etc. etc.)  to create and customize your map, than I could count. If I had the time, I would still be exploring the available icons, dropdowns, buttons, etc. on CorelDraw. The goal was to create a basic map of Florida for children and then enhance the map using CorelDraw 7X. There were several items we had to add, and some images we could select from.  Below, is the map I created: I started with the basic Topographical map of Florida in ArcMap and included cities, water sources, and counties.  I then exported the map as a .cpt file so I could manipulate the map using CorrelDraw X7. Using CorelDraw I made several changes and additions to my map including: added images using the Import dropdown command (the Florida State Flag, Florida Panther and the Mockingbird. I also imported images of the Cork Screw Sanctuary to identify Naples and I placed an image of the SeaWorld logo to identify Orlando); I used the draw a Star tool to add to the Capital of Florida and filled the star as Red; added a color border; updated the Legend to show a different symbol & color for cities; and I used the Posterize tool, because, what child doesn't like posters? The usual items such as name, date, title, legend and north arrow are also included.       

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