Thursday, October 22, 2015

Statistical Analysis with ArcGIS - Meth Labs in Charleston, WV

This week was "Prepare" week for Statistical Analysis with ArcGIS. Below is my basemap of the two counties in West Virginia we will be examining using Statistical tools in ArcGIS. The map depicts Putnam and Kanawha counties and a simple distribution of Meth Lab Seizures, courtesy of the DEA and the National Clandestine Laboratory Register.

I took 2010 US Census data for this area and computed percentages for various categories, including, single female head of household  (pcnt_FCHLD), My hypothesis is that where there is a high (or elevated) percentage of single female head of household, there will be a corresponding high probability of a meth lab. I will test this hypothesis using ArcGIS Statistical Analysis tools. There are various other conditions that make it likely for a meth lab to exist, however, pcnt_FCHLD is the primary attribute I will use in my study. It is my goal that the results may be useful to DEA and local authorities whose objective is to seize Meth Labs and arrest anyone involved in the production of Methamphetamine.      

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