Monday, October 12, 2015

Lab 6: Spatial Enhancement

This week in Photo Interpretation we took a look at downloading data from USGS to obtain a Landsat Archive of Landsat 4-5 TM. The objective of this lab was to use various image enhancement tools and techniques to improve the quality of your image.

I used ERDAS Imagine to begin my spatial enhancement. The first technique I used was the Fourier Transformation. A Fourier Transformation is a mathematical technique for separating an image into its various spatial frequency components. I had a Landsat image that contained striping and the Fourier Transformation afforded me a method to remove that striping. The next tool I used was the Wedge button. This was a challenge to get the correct amount of coverage and not delete too much detail of the image. I also used the LowPass button that seemed to smooth the image a bit more. After completing these tasks in ERDAS Imagine, I switched to ArcMap to try a few more tools to enhance my image. I tried other filters and changing the brightness and contrast. In the end, I built pyramids for my images and this seemed to add a slight bit more contrast to the image. Below is my final map.

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