Thursday, September 17, 2015

Network Analysis: Report Week for Tampa Evacuation

It has been a very long week. Lots of excitement and drawing of Storm Drains with Brevard County GIS Dept. I am learning a great deal and keeping busy. For this Special Topics assignment, I completed my work on the Tampa Bay Evacuation project by compiling a Pamphlet that could be used to inform relatives and hospital patients of the Tampa General Hospital of critical information in the event of an evacuation. Below is one page of the pamphlet I created.

Another Network Analysis I performed was to compute multiple evacuation routes from downtown Tampa to Middleton High School Shelter. This involved setting-up the Network Analysis to load or account for fifteen different locations in the downtown Tampa area. Here;s my results:

Another Network Analysis I ran was to generate multiple polygons to find the closest shelter, there were three to consider, for residents in the Tampa area. The analysis was interesting  because I cannot remember using this tool before though I do recall using the Multiple Ring Buffer. This was better. Here's my map for the Closest Shelter:

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