Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Land Use Land Cover: Pascagoula, Mississippi

Another fun week! This week I worked with the USGS Andersonian system for classification of  Land Use Land Cover. I continue to hone my skills for using, Shape/Size, Shadows, Patterns, and Association, for identifying various land features. In this exercise, we used the USGS Anderson framework for naming Land features. The area we examined was Pascagoula, MS. This location has loads of water features. Digitizing the water or the river, was my biggest challenge. I took a large cut at trying to draw my initial polygon around as much water as I could only to have the polygon distort or completely disappear. I finally got the Create Features to work by digitizing smaller areas at a time. This work can be tedious, but I enjoyed it very much. As it happens, I am working on a similar project at my internship with Brevard County, where I am digitizing and updating storm drain pipes throughout the county.    

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